Copenhagen Diary


After having Scandinavia on my wishlist for ages, I finally decided to go to Copenhagen. I went with Sandrine and I can safely say, it did not disappoint. Copenhagen has definitely gained a place in my top destinations. The people, the Hygge vibes all around the city ( I mean it’s hard to get stressed there), the amazing food and of course, the fashion. Everyone looks so good and effortless in the best way possible. I am now just wondering why I haven’t been lucky enough to be born danish and get that fashion sense and naturally blonde hair with tanned skin. How is that even possible?!

The attention to detail is noticeable everywhere you go. Whether it is the fresh, seasonal and local produce in restaurants, the carefully designed furniture or the decor everywhere you look. Wherever you go, it screams cosiness and design. 

I fell in love with the whole scandi-lifestyle. People biking everywhere, drinking natural  wine outside to soak up every ray of sunshine, the neutral colours of the buildings, the design and the food.

After three days of eating my bodyweight in rye bread (which let’s be honest, is the best) I want to share a few things we have done and that are definitely worth a visit. 

In the context of bread, let’s talk food first. We went three times to Sonny in three days, don’t ask if the food was good because it was amazing! I had the avocado toast on rye twice and the bircher once and everything tasted so fresh. For coffee, Atelier September is the perfect stop whilst browsing through all the Scandi designer shops. The place is as beautiful as on Instagram and I wish I had tried the food. Another great pitstop for coffee – as well as food – are the Torvehallerne, which is a big food hall. The coffee at Coffee Collective is also great!

We had two evenings, on the first one, we walked to Manfred’s through the Assistens Kirkegård; sounds weird but people are basically having picnics next to tombs and I think it’s definitely worth a little wander around. The farm-to-table restaurant specialises in veggie sharing plates as well as beef tartare. I had two veggie dishes with a glass of natural -of course- wine. The quality of the food was outstanding. The second evening we went to Vaekst, the hotel restaurant which, again, did not disappoint. It’s definitely on the pricier side but definitely worth for a special occasion and really good food. 

One of the highlights, food-wise was Juno The Bakery. A super small bakery, famous for their cardamom buns, for a reason! You see how they make them fresh in front of you and there’s always a line of people waiting for their life-changing Kardemomme Snurre warm out the oven.


We stayed at the Hotel SP34 – probably the blogger’s residence in CPH. Again, even better than expected AND the best thing about it is that you have a free wine hour from 5-6, I mean what more can you wish for?!

Culture wise, the Design Museum was my favourite museum. So interesting to see how danish design has evolved and how it has become so famous. Danish chairs are probably the first thing you think of but in recent years, a lot more has gained some -well deserved- attention. Graphic design, fashion and all things interior, the Danes just know how to do it right?!

The Glyptoteket is another great museum, containing mainly sculptures. The entrance, looking like a greenhouse is probably the most impressive thing and worth a visit. After walking around Rodin sculptures and Van Gogh paintings, relax on a bench under a palm tree and read a bit, trust me it’s great.

Then of course, I would always recommend to just walk around and do all the tourist attractions by foot. It’s the best and cheapest way to explore a city.

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