Books That I’ve Read In 2018

This year I really tried to focus on reading more again. I just love it and always try to  make sure to take some time to do it. I find that I can sleep way better when I read some pages in bed, it helps me to relax and wind down after a long day, which we all struggle with. Last year I was really bad at reading, I didn’t enjoy it as much anymore as I had so many different books to read for my classes. If you have read this post, you will probably remember that reading more was a goal for 2018. Even though I haven’t reached the 15 books that I wanted to, I did a pretty good job and probably read some of the best books ever. I will take you through each book and maybe you will find one or two to add to your holiday or 2019 reading list.

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine – Gail Honeyman 

Okay, everyone is probably already thinking that I am crazy because I can’t stop recommending it and as soon as I see someone reading it I get so excited and wish that I can read it for the first time again. It is such an amazing read, you will laugh, cry, cringe and wonder if you like the main character or not. This book will make you go through so many different emotions you probably didn’t even know you had in such a short time. The way it is written will allow you to imagine the character very well. There is a movie that should be released in 2019 and I can’t wait to soak up all the Oliphant vibes. If you get this book, plan nothing ahead for a weekend, just some small breaks to get yourself a cup of tea and some snacks. It starts that it is never too late to start living and get rid of the bad things in life.

Conversations With Friends – Sally Rooney

I think it is safe to say that I have a new favourite author, her writing is brilliant and makes you want to read more and more. In her books, she writes about real-world problems, also showing the not so glamorous side of life, sometimes being pessimistic. You will instantly feel a connection with the different characters, as if you are part of the story. It touches the topics of love, friendship, family issues and how your life can change by just meeting new people.

Normal People – Sally Rooney

I have read this book before Conversations With Friends and absolutely fell in love after the first page. It is one of those books that you don’t want to put down even though there isn’t a huge storyline. This is the story of Marianne and Connel’s special relationship through university. And don’t worry it isn’t just a love story, it is much deeper and will touch a lot of topics that are really common in relationships.

Big Little Lies – Liane Moriarty

I haven’t seen the TV show yet but I have heard a lot of good things and the 2nd season will be released in 2019. The book had a huge success and when I was in New York I decided to finally give it a go. I went to the Amazon Bookshop which by the way is amazing, it is just like browsing through the Amazon book section but in real life. I didn’t give this book much thought and didn’t expect it to be this good to be honest. Her writing is great and you will probably be hooked immediately. The plot goes pretty fast as you always change the point of view, changing between 3 completely different women, each having her own secrets and struggles. The author has just published a new book, which is already on my reading list for next year.

This Is Going To Hurt – Adam Kay (listened)

I have listened to this one and would really recommend to download the audiobook. There are some kind of books that are just better when you listen to them. Some people might say ‘yeah but it isn’t reading’ but I think that it is an amazing way to get to read books when you are busy. I especially liked to listen to this one as you hear the author’s voice reading its own diary which makes it more personal. It gets funny, it gets sad and you will get a good insight in what you have to go through when you work in the health industry.

Call Me By Your Name – André Aciman

Magic! This is probably the most accurate adjective to describe this read. I have seen the movie afterwards but I didn’t quite get this feeling of enchantment. This is a love story that you probably have never seen or heard of before and it is so beautifully written, making you want to go to Italy and spend the rest of your life there, eating fresh fruit and drinking wine. This isn’t just a love story, it is a piece of art.

Why Social Media Is Ruining Your Life – Katherine Ormerod

If you want to get your eyes opened and learn a bit more about our social media addiction, this one is for you. I know I have already talked so much about this book (read this) but it is so worth a read. Blogger Katherine Ormerod opens up about social media and the life behind those perfectly curated Instagram feeds that you see every day. She shows that being famous on social media isn’t going to make your life perfect and that everyone has struggles even when you have amazing designer bags and clothes.

Everything I Never Told You – Celeste Ng

To be honest, this wasn’t my favourite read. I never really got into the story and was pretty happy when I finished it. Maybe I wasn’t in the right mindset or I just didn’t enjoy it that much. One of the major problems probably was that I have read it just after Oliphant which is pretty hard to beat. I am currently reading Little Fires Everywhere which is another book by this author and enjoy it way more. Everyone loves this book though so maybe I should give it a second go.

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F**k – Mark Manson

Anyone else always caring what others might think or overthinking everything? This book has taught me so much and showed that sometimes the best thing to do is just to not care. It is written in a funny way making you think about so many things and reflecting on your own life after nearly every line. I had so many ‘this is so true’ moments and I am definitely planning to read it again next year. It definitely teaches you to chill a bit more and well like it is said in the title; not give a f**k.

What are your favourite books and have you read any of these?