Book review – Eleanor Oliphant

I always loved to read, especially in Summer when I went on holiday. There is nothing better than lying next to the beach and reading a good book. These last few years I barely had the time to read my own books, I had so much to read for high school (hello French literature). I was really looking forward to be able to read things that I enjoy and actually want to read. One book that was on my list for a pretty long time was Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman. I saw it for the first time when Anna from The Anna Edit spoke about it. The last few months I heard so much good stuff about this novel so my expectations were very high, which isn’t always good. But I have to say, I was far away from being disappointed, this book is one of the best I have read in a while, if not in my whole life. It is funny, sad and makes the reader think about life and the people around us. I loved it!

At the beginning I hated Eleanor, the main character, she says things straightforward (when she says something) and isn’t a very kind person. She had a difficult childhood and her life is boring, every week is the same. It is strange to not instantly relate to the main character of a book and it was the first time that it happened to me. But the more I read the more I fell in love with her, she is real and shows that life isn’t always perfect but it is never too late to start living.

This book is about the power of kindness and how loneliness affects way more people than we think. It brings up issues that a lot of people have and that we don’t really talk about like depression, loneliness, loss. There are some serious topics but written in such a beautiful way, making you think about it and understand some people a bit better. This book makes you want to get outside and hug everybody and tell everyone that you love them and how grateful you are (at least I felt like that).

It’s a total page turner and this kind books where you tell yourself “just one more chapter” and well before you know, it is 1 am in the morning. I laughed a lot and sometimes it is so embarrassing that you want to cover your eyes and disappear for the character, you really live with her.

Well I found my love for books again and it made me want to read a lot more. If you haven’t already, go and get yourself a copy and be prepared to sit on your couch for the next couple of days.