Being Creative

– Is Social Media Holding Us Back?-

We all get this creative rut from time to time and it is completely normal – at least I hope so. Seeing so many creative people around us and being able to have a look at their work so instantly doesn’t make it easier. Spending – way too much – time on Instagram, I tend to scroll through so many creative, good looking feeds and feel really inspired. At the same time, comparing myself to these accounts makes the rut even worse and I feel like it doesn’t make sense for me to put even more stuff out there.

I love Instagram as a place to find instant inspiration when I need it, saving pictures in different folders and making mood boards. But the line between inspiration and comparison is so small and you can quickly shift from one to the other. More often than not, I start losing the passion for my own creativity. Getting into a rut, feeling like I either have to do something completely different or something similar to what I see instead of just letting my own creativity flow. Perfectionism is also something holding me back from just taking a pen and do something as I used to when I was younger. When I didn’t have the urge to make something perfect or didn’t see all these other amazing things online. When the only example was in my head and I just had to follow the steps that my creativity gave me.

There will always be someone you think is better than you, whose work is beautiful but we should take inspiration from it instead of trying to do the same and ending up doing nothing. The goal is to get better than YOU were yesterday. Just taking a notebook, a pen and go. Not caring about the outcome but enjoying the process. I recently started a scrapbook and spent 2 hours on it. It was the most amazing feeling, letting go of all my thoughts and switching off my mind for a couple of hours was so therapeutic. I had to get into it again, being creative with my hands on paper but it felt good.