Another year


Can someone tell me when little Franzi has turned 21?! I can’t believe that the first year in my twenties is already over. Was it as hard as everyone is always saying? Not really. Maybe everyone is talking about the mid-twenties so hopefully, I still have some time left.

Time flies and to be honest I still feel like that little girl eating her two Nesquik chocolate yogurts with a spoon for each pot. The chocolate pots have turned into almond milk yogurts and the girl still has exactly the same haircut. So not too much has changed I guess.

This post is, in fact, a double-celebration; me *apparently* turning 21 and the fact that this is my 100th post. I know, you probably don’t care about any of these but it’s a special day so here are 21 things about me.

01. If you read the ‘Cancer’ definition they basically talk about me.

02. I am an absolute control freak.

03. If we ever get coffee together, just order me an almond cappuccino.

04. Post-its are my best friends as I write lists for everything.

05. I’d pick a good night in with a bottle of wine over any club in the world!

06. I hate driving and I am very bad at it. So watch out when I am on the road!

07. I am a proper introvert and love being on my own.

08. Me and my mom are very close and I can tell her everything.

09. My dream is to have my own magazine one day

10. The more beige the better is my motto (except for food)

11. Cold weather and rain makes me very grumpy

12. I can’t take decisions and think, I might have decision-making anxiety (which is a thing, I googled it)

13. I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason

14. I am a pescetarian and try to avoid dairy (yes, annoying little gal)

15. New York and London are my favourite places on earth, good thing I live in one of them.

16. I love being creative and get inspired by many random things, especially photography

17. I wake up early every day and hate sleeping in (means that I’m in bed at 10 maybe 10.30 if I feel a bit crazy)

18. I am a health freak and have a weakness for overpriced healthy snacks

19. I’d rather listen to a podcast than to music.

20. I always wanted to be older than I actually am.

21. My last meal on earth would be the fish moqueca at Sushisamba (#notvegan)

SHIRT: Topshop – JEANS: Levi’s – SLIDERS: Topshop