A Word About Magazines


Sunday morning, the scent of warm coffee filling the room, everything still calm and peaceful, a magazine on the table and slow music playing in the background. Opening the magazine, being hit by a wave of freshly printed paper, beautiful words and photographs. It’s the ideal start to the day.

As much as I love Instagram and other media platforms, I just think that there’s nothing coming close to print. The physical experience of taking a copy and sitting down, flipping pages to discover the next beautiful text and layout is not comparable to scrolling through feeds and double-tapping to like something. Sometimes life has to be only about words and your own thoughts.

Even reading articles online is not the same. I feel like there’s a big difference between creating online content and actual journalism. Magazines are in a way like Instagram, a beautiful feed is quite similar to the curated editorial pages but the experience is completely different. Picking up the newest issue of a good magazine – Kinfolk, Cereal, Gentlewoman, Suitcase – to name a few, is the start of a special moment. Then going through it for a first glance and getting inspired by actually reading it, taking the time off the screen and constant scrolling. Even though a lot of people are convinced that print is dying, I think it’s just having a makeover and looking better than ever. Biannual issues with a bigger creative input, well written texts and essays and a special layout to present everything as one.

These new publications remind me more of coffee table books than of mainstream magazines to discover the latest trends. They sit on the shelves and even decorate a space. They fill something that was empty before, whether it is space or a lack of inspiration.

Buying a new magazine is definitely a luxury and not something I do every week but i guess that’s what makes it even more special. An occasional treat you can look forward to. It reminds of when I was younger and bought something with my pocket money and the excitement and joy I felt. It’s the same feeling now when I buy the newest issue and browsing through the shelves for ages although I already know exactly what I want. 

Reading is a massive part in my life and I always carry a book with me but it is nice to mix it up and sit down with something more visual, having the words you get from a book but with pictures giving that extra touch. The writing and images complete one another and become one when we are going through the pages. 

Some of my favourite magazines:

Cereal | Kinfolk | The Gentlewoman | Suitcase | Weekend Journals | Hotshoe | Drift | The Skirt Chronicles | AnOther