A Weekend East


One thing I love about London is all the different neighbourhoods. There are so many parts of London that feel and look so different that you immediately have the impression you are in a completely different city.

At the moment I am loving East London more than anything. The creative vibes are so inspiring and I always leave with so many ideas in my head. Everything is so chilled and easy over there and I really don’t mind traveling a bit longer. On my birthday, my mom came to visit and we spent the day – better said, the week – in Hackney and around the area.

Just walking around and having a break in a cute café is amazing and I honestly don’t need anything else. On weekends, you have all the markets; Broadway Market on Saturday and Columbia Road Flower Market on Sunday. Victoria Park Market, which is also on Sunday is great for buying fresh produce and then eat a little bite. I just love the East London’s casualness that feels so different from West London.