A Solo Weekend

The weather this weekend was out of this world, perfect blue skies and orange hues everywhere. Somehow, living in London makes you appreciate every ray of sunshine even more.

The two days have been spent mainly on my own, which I love. Saturday morning I woke up quite early, spent some time at home and decided to then make my way to the Serpentine Galleries in the park. I live so close and haven‘t managed to go there yet. It‘s always the things closest to you that you forget about.

So I made myself a coffee at home and walked through the park, jealous of all the dog owners. The exhibitions were really good and the galleries are beautiful. I also found the most amazing bookshop and felt like I had been missing out the whole time not knowing about it. I spent a lot of time browsing through the prints, art books and cards.

In the evening I started Modern Love on Prime after hearing it on The High Low and Sandrine raving about it. It is amazing, highly recommend!

Sunday started with a HIIT/ Yoga class at Lululemon. It was quite sweaty but felt amazing. In the afternoon I headed to my favourite area; London Fields and got my first ever mince pie, which is probably hard to top. 

It was such a nice and chilled weekend, perfect for the start of the December madness. I start to feel very christmassy now and can‘t wait for the holidays.