A Love Affair

– Things I Am Loving Lately –

I love doing these little round-ups of things I am currently loving. It changes quite a lot and I always have new things that I am obsessed with. There’s just something so special and exciting about going to new places, trying new restaurants, seeing new things and it is my favourite thing to do. Wandering around and discovering places and things on this planet. Here are some I have been loving recently…

01. Pophams you just can’t beat their almond croissant with a magazine on a Saturday morning. They recently opened this new place and I am quite obsessed and can’t see the obsession going away soon. Just have to get my weekly fix now.

02. COS Dress you have probably already seen this dress on a recent post (if you haven’t, you can have a sneaky look here). I love the shape of it and always feel so good when wearing it. If you can’t afford Cecilie Bahnsen this is the way to go in my opinion. Unfortunately it’s sold out but here is a similar one.

03. New Bottega whilst we’re still longing for Old Céline, we can now definitely be looking forward to this new era. Who knew that square-toed sandals and slouchy bags could look so cool. I can’t wait to see what more Daniel Lee has to offer. Check out the Instagram feed to see what I am talking about.

04. A Note From The Beach – Matt Haig a beautiful poem that Meghan chose to include in the September Issue.  It is a snippet of Matt Haig’s book Notes On A Nervous Planet addressing body-positivity and climate change from the beach’s perspective. It’s worth getting your hands on a copy just for that poem.

05. Muji Trainers okay, unfortunately, I can’t take credit for discovering these amazing trainers. I saw them first on Brittany and fell in love. They are honestly the comfiest and probably cheapest trainers I own and I find myself wearing them every day.

06. Big Little Lies Season 2 a bit late to the party I know but I don’t have a TV license and therefore wanted to wait until all the episodes are available to watch and binge them on a one week free trial on NowTv. The music, the filming, the characters, everything is just so good.

07.Drunk Elephant Lala Retro after getting a sample of this moisturiser I just had to buy it in full size. I was struggling with dry skin and this one saved it. I can’t recommend the brand enough!