2020 – The Year Ahead

Well, long time no speak. I made it through January, which to be honest, felt endless. I always dread the first month of the year; the cold, the dark, the goals, the expectations and the feeling that it‘s never going to end. I’m surely not the only one feeling a bit ‘meh’ this time of the year. I also had my first big hand-in for uni, so the majority of the month has been spent reading articles, doing research and writing. Slowly falling into a hole of self-pity, pressure and excitement for February.

The last few months have been a bit all over content-wise and I have the feeling this blog is becoming a sequel of ‚hi it‘s me again, let‘s do an update‘ posts but I’m back for good! So let’s just pretend that February is the start of 2020, Happy New Year! Content is planned and I am feeling more inspired than ever, maybe the January slump wasn’t that bad.

I was always that type of person setting way too many, unrealistic goals for the year ahead, struggling to achieve them and feeling bad about it a few weeks in. After a few years of experience, I am not setting goals anymore but more like milestones and little things I want to work on, improve or achieve. Solely to have something I can reflect on and work towards one step at a time.

01 – I want to take care of myself more. Get behind my anxiety and feel more at peace with everything. It’s often hard to listen to your body but I guess that’s when trust comes in, you just have to go with the flow.

02 – Go on my first long-haul solo trip. In December I booked my flights for Australia. Four weeks on my own Down-Under, nothing sounds better to me. I can’t wait to share more about the trip with you.

03 – Read even more than last year. I love reading, it’s an escape from the world when everything gets too much. Sitting in a café with a coffee and a book is the perfect combination and something I want to do even more of.

04 – Letting go and make decisions. I am the worst person at making decision, always thinking about what could happen next and overthinking everything. It just gives me a nervous breakdown so that I can’t enjoy what I have decided for in the end. So letting go of overthinking and just ‘go for it’ .

05 – Creativity. This one is probably the most important one for me. I want to create more without having the mindset of ‘this has to be perfect’, try new things and get out of a comfort zone.

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